The Advanced Computing Program is the flagship program of IPCEICT. The course is targeted towards high-schools, engineers and computer science students who wish to venture in the domain of advanced computing in terms of “building web applications and personal computers programs”.

The Objectives

The course aims at grooming students with technologies to enable them to work on current technology scenarios as well as prepare them to build programs for personal computers and build web applications as well as deploy them to work with central servers and new market technology trends.

The Program curriculum was designed taking into consideration the emerging trends in advanced computing as well as the contemporary and future human resource requirements of the ICT industry and the potential for students to evolve professionally.

The Modules

  1. Advanced Web Programming.
  2. C++ and Data structures.
  3. Database Technologies.
  4. Operating Systems Concepts.
  5. Software Application Development Tools & Techniques.
  6. Core Java (J2SE).
  7. Enterprise Java (J2EE).
  8. Net Technologies.
  9. Upcoming Technology.
  10. Business Communication.