The Mobile Computing Program is one of the pioneering programs of IPCEICT. The PG-DMC program is targeted towards high-schools, engineers and computer science students who wish to venture into the domain of Mobile Computing thus “building and developing applications for different smartphones”.

The Objectives

The Program aims at grooming students to work on current technology scenarios as well as prepare them to cope with the changing face of technology and the requirements of an exponentially growing Mobile industry such as the development of Android apllications, iOS, Windows phone applications, desktop applications and basic web services related to smartphones applications and internet-based applications as well as being able to publish their own developed apps to official applications stores. The DMC program curriculum has been designed taking into consideration the emerging trends in mobile technology as well as contemporary and future human resource requirements of the Mobile Industry. The entire program syllabus, course ware and teaching methodology have been derived from the rich research and development background of IPCEICT. The depth and width of the courses are unique in the industry covering a wide spectrum of the mobile development industry.

The Modules
C++ Programming and Data Structures.
Database Management Systems.
Java Programming.
Mobile and Wireless Technology’s.
Introduction to J2ME Programming.
Android Programming.
OS Concepts and Linux Programming.
iOS Programming.
Windows Mobile Application Development.
Hybrid Programming.
Business Communication.